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Static kites

Static kites

Static kites

Static kites are those that are controlled with a single line or line, rising with the wind to be more or less still in the sky. They are the most traditional and ancient because of their origin.

There is a wide variety of static comets in terms of shape, structure, sizes and colors: hexagonal, diamond, delta, inflatable, three-dimensional, stars etc. They can also be manufactured with a wide variety of materials: cloth, nylon, plastic, rods, fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum, etc.

Unlike other types of kites, static ones can reach great distances and heights. Controlling the tension of the line can be achieved in many cases that the kite makes various movements and turns in the air. Some of them are used to practice KAP (aerial photography), upload messengers, meteorological instruments, fishing hooks or even observers.

Here are some of my static kites:

162.5 cm wingspan, manufactured with ripstop, mylar and fiberglass rods:

Comet Rokkaku Tail Rok 134 cm wide and 160 long, with three tails. Very stable and with great traction power.

Dragon Kite (Orpheus): measures 1.02 m wide and 15.85 m long. It is an original and modern version of the Chinese dragons. It is very stable with moderate winds.

Delta Comet of 3.26 m x 1.80 m x 1.63 m. It produces a great traction.

Comet Seagull of Tribord. Pretty in flight and stable. Allows simple acrobatics in flight.

Chinese eagle comet.

Delta comet of Eolo. It flies well with strong winds and allows acrobatic flights.

Chinese swallow delta kite.

Chinese delta kite with mask.

Rainbow delta comet.

Rainbow rhombus comet.

Fringe kite (flare).

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