Opinions of commentators

Opinions of commentators

This is what causes me to fly kites. When I concentrate on a flight, I never finish knowing if I control it or rather it is the other way around, the feeling of calm. I do not remember the first time I flew kites. Surely it was with my friend Ventolera. What I always remember is that I get the feeling of the first time I flew a kite. Or did she blow me? I love trying other people to discover their own feelings with kites ..
Rosario (Whirlwind).

In Brazil, in my childhood, I was flying pipes, (which is how kites are known there) with my brothers and friends. There was a neighbor who in 1977 made the comments and gave one to my brother. Since we were neighbors he taught my older brother how to make them. My brother learned the art of making them. I was 6 years old when I had my first kite. I also learned how to make them. In May of 2006 I became a member of Whirlwind and Ventolera.
Wilson (Swirl).

My first memory was the wind. The breeze that ruffles you without wanting it. One day, suddenly the breeze escaped through the window, and I spent the rest of my life looking for it. To rise with her, with my first kite: a seagull. To enjoy with her. To not catch her, to accompany her. To love it as you want to the unattainable. To look at it as the invisible looks. And to feel the satisfaction of a job well done when you see your efforts in heaven, flying free. It’s my way of flying with my feet on the ground. Beautiful way to remember ..
Lucia (Breeze).

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