Build a flying kite

How to make a kite

How to make a kite

The wind season is approaching and that’s why today in El rincón de los peques we are going to learn how to make a kite. I am sure that all the children will like to do it and even more to go up it; If it is a windy day the kite will go very high … and it will even look like the thread will want to take them flying! Let’s have fun today, little friends of LasManualidades, making a paper kite.

A homemade kite
-2 equal pieces of cane (or 2 light wood rods)
-Kite paper
-Comet thread
-Glue stick
-Cutter or knife
-Tnt (paper cloth) or pieces of cloth

Step by Step:
Start by tying two thin wooden rods or two pieces of cane, like this:

And then, using a cutter or knife, make two small notches in the edges.
The next step is to tie a piece of long kite thread there, spinning it several times at one end.

Then take the thread to the next end, knot it and continue with the 4 vertices to tie the entire contour.

The next step is to cut out a sheet of paper a little larger than the structure you have made with rods and thread.

Then cut it from the right size, leaving some pieces on the sides to fold the paper.

Then put glue in a bar following the thread, on one of the sides, fold the paper and pass the hand over to smooth it.

Do the same on all 4 sides and let the glue dry for a few minutes

Make two small holes on the sides of the cross in the center, pass a piece of kite thread through it, tie a knot and leave a long back end on the side of the rods.

Then tie two other threads in two other vertices of the kite. The length of each thread is equal to the measure that the kite has from the center to one of the tips.

Once you have tied the 3 threads, tie them together on the roll of kite yarn.

At the end where you have not tied any thread, put the tail made with Tnt (cloth paper) scraps of cloth or a band of long fabric.

The tail of the kite has to be between 3 meters if you do it with Tnt, and smaller the heavier the fabric you use.

To make the ball of yarn for the kite simply take a stick and wrap the yarn around it in the form of 8. That is, you take the vertical stick and link the thread once at the top end and once at the end of down, and so on.

I recommend putting at least 70 meters of thread in your kite.

And the kite is ready to go back up.

For this you have to wait for a day when there is enough wind and go to a place where there are no trees or high electric cables where it can get tangled.

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