Kites fly

Flying kites: physical, mental and reflective exercise

Flying kites: physical, mental and reflective exercise

Flying kite is also connect with nature, because by keeping the kite flying, the gaze almost does not take off from the so-called sky where clouds, birds and the despicable planes, drones and paragliders also travel. It is there that the intention of that look at the sky goes through reflection on those who really should travel the air and who force it through generating noise, visual and artificial chemical pollution in addition to the space they occupy that also generates blows to death for lxs birds in which they have also been crushed by turbines or propellers.

About who or who persists flying when they collide between birds and drones. Sometimes birds fall and sometimes drones fall, it’s a fight up there.

Flying as well as being an act performed only by those who are physiologically adapted for that, is a behavior of understanding and understanding the air, is to take advantage of the air currents to meet them, is not always to fight against their currents or at the whim of any kind. It is for a displacement that will lead to finding shelter, food or their flocks (groups of birds).

To conquer the airs, is a dominacionista thought that does not accept that it is not about to fight against the nature.

The issue is to understand nature, as well as to ourselves, a path from which we have distanced ourselves from civilization.

To understand nature, is to accept what we are and live with that. Only that strength will not give place neither big nor small to real promises or not, of a genetic improvement to be superior as a species or among our own species. The issue of wanting to be superior, is a Transhumanist proposal, the supremacy of the human animal species improved on the human animal species that resists being superior to others, and on other animal species or any other called kingdom (vegetable, moneras , protista, …).

For reasons of the infiltrations of currents foreign to freedom, within the movements for freedom, is that it is taking the struggles towards the side of domination. Accepting the intromission of new technologies in our lives and even in our struggles.

Such is that on the antispecies side we want to introduce the reprogramming of predatory animal species so that they are no longer or in any case they are exterminated by contraceptive pills or modifications to their genes that could be spread by fluids or other types of relationships . It is the weapon of domination: the bionanotechnology its transgenics and other edges. In addition to the proposals that are already being implemented, the standardized use of transgenic “foods” as well as supplements such as those of B12 and other vitamins of transgenic origin “so that vegans continue to preserve their highly acclaimed ethics.” As well as the nutritional modification of the other animals as they do with perrxs and gatxs, forcing them to eat non-physiological foods just because “the master or the veganx does not want to be anti-ethic for providing food with meat from other animals or does not let him be they feed themselves by hunting in the city. ” In addition to the synthetic meat that is promoted as a single or effective solution to speciesism.

On the side of the anti-patriarchy, we have to use contraceptive pills when you could practice various tactics used before, such as avoiding fertile days in the cycle of menstruation, or abstinence, or leaving aside the sexual act of penetration, or counting, stop sacralizing heteronormativity, self-masturbation or mutual masturbation, etc …

Another use in the fight that strengthens the technological and pharmaceutical domain is that of “sex change” surgical interventions that are really just a change in appearance since many times they do not go hand in hand with the hormones and feelings just to project a image which should not be projected with image but with actions. I mean if someone feels “of another sex” that relates without these interventions that are also physical and mental cages reinforced by aesthetic discourses infiltrated in the movement of clear leftist perspective that also wants the cop to protect him or that the judge grant justice, … Product of that thought is the problematic little approached in the movement lgtbiq that is the gentrification that generates the majority of its activists or beneficiaries in neighborhoods where the people who lived there are moved by the legal and secure repressive arm aesthetic of the real estate and its “cleaning of cities before ugly and insecure their streets”. See the Lavapiés case in Spain in case they know little or nothing about the matter. Fortunately, there are always critical minds within each movement that raise their voices to what the majority, for their own and common benefit, chooses to shut up or look apathetically to the side.

There are compañeres who have given a strong struggle for total liberation either in diffusion or in action, but who apparently have lacked to delve into the criticism of the use of new or old technologies within their bodies that have ended up managing their minds. So this is not a message to sink them, but to raise their criticism towards what they have normalized in their lives, that is also part of the so-called deconstruction.

On the side of environmentalism, especially in media groups, that propaganda of so-called green energies is too noticeable and when they are seen respond that at least they are not as polluting as the other energies. For that we can only say that they investigate what companies or corporations are those that with new names now promote the so-called green energies, they will see that they are the same ones that still keep the other energies working. And they are not only companies, because they could hardly specify their actions if it were not with the help of the States in the whole world. A clear example of this is the region called Germany, which calls itself the most aware of the energies it uses, being one of the best known for the use of these green energies, but its use of other energies such as those coming from coal. continue to be an important part of their plans, investigate the case of the Hambach Forest and its fight against the extraction of coal that takes more than 40 years. And is that the new energies can not now or never work without the old energies, but ask yourself what are the propellers of wind turbines, solar panels, etc …

Even the use of geoengineering “to help ecosystems recover” is also promoted. Geoengineering is the new way to change climates of diverse ecosystems or areas where its scope can do it or try, is that clear is not yet perfect that new industry. Industry and form of energy that its primary use is to adapt the climate to the convenience of the capital of the Power for its plans of commerce and domination. If they really care about the inhabitants of different species as they usually say when they give explanations because they like to modify climates, they would stop using this tool that ends up directly or indirectly harming not only the ecosystem where it is applied but also other ecosystems because the ecosystems they are not separated, they are interconnected.

And on the use of transgenics that some promote and others that reject it, on the latter it is usually not because of the subject of domination that transgenics represent, but because of the insecurity of control that these usually show in their use. They also do it because they generate diseases for our species, and only worry about other species when they are of exclusive use to our species, because if they really cared about these other species they would not be in favor of nuclear energy with their 2 striking examples of noxiousness like that of Chernobyl and Fukushima. Of course, they say that nuclear energy is preferable to other energies for effectiveness and “cleanliness”. Again we are falling into “the lesser evil” to preserve civilization and its long, superficial, domesticating and destructive life.

Geoengineering is also used with excuses for sanitary control.

Going back to the drones. These machines are increasing, increasingly sophisticated and therefore dangerous. Among others, the drones that today watch over us under the guise of security, are already being adapted for their true use as weapons of espionage and repression: to shoot with decreasing failure rate. And it is that to the old and new technologies to maintain the domination, they need them always repressive for the defense of their machineries, laboratories, factories, empires, interests, banks, jails, …

These are followed by “green goblin” type scooters or “scooter” type, the amount of energy or fuel of whatever type that is used to keep them in the air, to accelerate more and to stay longer in the air.

They follow the flying cars still in prototypes as well as the future roads in the air for these vehicles “to save us from traffic” that the same cities and their freight transport machines (yes, we are also part of those goods that transport daily ). The so-called flying taxis with helicopters for citizenship are already being used, as has been promoted for weeks in the Peru region at a cost of $ 100 per transport. The flying cars for strategic economic reasons have had an interference with the priority now of autonomous cars (without humanx pilot), driven by artificial intelligence that are already being tested in public use in Arizona with the support of Pizza Hut through pizza delivery cars . Months ago it was reported that one of these autonomous cars had run over a woman, the scientists.

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