Kites fly

Kites (Fly Kites)

Kites (Fly Kites)

Although flying kites seems a seemingly childish distraction it can also be a hobby for all ages, being especially popular in China. It consists of making the kite: a very light object, such as a piece of candle, fabric or plastic or paper, mounted on a skeleton of wood, plastic or similar, attached to a long rope, rise and remain in the air, moving it or directing it according to our interest. Kites can be purchased complete or you can build them yourself.

It is a cheap, easy and comfortable hobby to practice, but it can also be more complicated with more sophisticated kites and two threads to do stunts. There are even kite contests. You can learn alone, with online information or, better, with someone who knows how to do well, preferably within a kite club.

To start in bricolage, the fundamental thing is to do it initially with restraint, initiating us in a simple and realistic project, and little by little, to continue developing another type of more complex activity. The bricolage covers, from the arrangement of a simple plug, to the complete construction of a house.

As we have previously commented, DIY is an extensive activity in your practice and that requires tools and materials essential for its development. It will be fundamental to choose what type of activity is chosen to start the hobby, then proceed to the acquisition of all the necessary products.

It is necessary to know that there are numerous web pages that show how to make useful objects from the reuse of other existing elements. The Internet is currently one of the most useful tools within the possibilities that we can turn to for information.

Also, within the basic materials to enjoy in DIY, we can list several of the primary tools that all “handyman” must have at home: hammer, screwdrivers, better if they are electrical, pliers or tongs, glue, saws, brushes, press and, preferably, a drill bit and boxes to store the necessary tools and screws, nails and nuts. From now on the variety of tools is enormous, since they depend a lot according to the “specialty”.

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