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Acrobatic kites

Acrobatic kites

Acrobatic kites

The acrobatic kites are designed to make very varied and precise movements, whether fast or slow, and with different types of winds. They can have different shapes (deltas, with two triangular candles (Revolution), with a diamond shape, etc.). For your control you can have two, three or four lines.

Acrobatic kites are a sport with federation and regulations that regulate the hundreds of championships and festivals. These usually have different modalities, one individual and another by teams. The participants execute, in a certain time, obligatory and free figures that are valued by a jury.

Below I show you different types of acrobatic kites:

Comet Revolution 1.5. The best acrobatic kite I have. It allows to change the rods for light winds:

244 cm Tribord acrobatic kite. Easy to use and resistant.

Comet Switch of Prism. Excellent kite that can fly with one line or two. It allows all kinds of stunts, especially with double line. Very good. To keep it tilted on the ground and be able to raise it easily I use a small tripod made with three plastic rods.

Comet 4D Prism. Very light and compact kite, ideal for flying with zero or light wind.

Acrobatic kite Tribord small. To fly with a tail. Good to start in the acrobatic flight.

Acrobatic kite Tai. My first acrobatic kite It allows the flight also with a single line.

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