Build a flying kite

How a kit is made

Simple Paper Kite

The kites are artifacts that fly by the force of the wind. There are many ways, even around the world there are infinities of contests to see what is the kinder plush and the best fly, especially in China, where they are very popular as a game of children and not so children. Let’s learn how to make a Kite and then throw it to fly in places where there will be gusts of wind, such as open fields or the beach for example. These are the materials that we will need:

-White thread

-Silk paper


-A knife


-2 rods of bamboo or other wood that is light

The two bamboo or lighter wooden rods (so that they do not fall by the weight) must be of the same length. We will cut them with a sharp knife (ask for the help of an elder to do it) so as not to splinter them. With the rods we will make the shape of a cross and we will tie them very firmly with several knots at the intersection.

In the lateral parts of the bamboo that is horizontally placed on the cross and at an equal distance on each side starting from the center, we will tie two strips of thread.

Now we must carefully tie these two pieces of thread at a distance from the center as if we wanted to make an equilateral triangle. From that knot we tie the rest of the white thread that must have a minimum length of 5 meters long, which is the thread that you will catch to blow it off.

We will cut the tissue so that we make a diamond that covers the rods from end to end and we will glue them to these by gluing it with glue that we previously have distributed along each rod by the part where we are going to stick it.

With what we have left of the tissue paper, we cut a strip that will make the tail of the kite and stick it to the bottom end of the vertical rod. And we have our kite ready

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